Big Eyes (2014)

 “That’s not testifying, that’s filibustering. ” – Judgebig_eyes_movie_poster_1-520x245

Number of Times Seen – 1 (15 Jan 2015)

Brief Synopsis – During the 1950’s, a divorced woman tries to support herself and her young daughter by painting portraits of people with very large eyes

My Take on it – When I heard about this movie a few months ago, I had absolutely no interest in seeing it because it sounded to me that it was geared more to people who appreciate and understand art (I am not one of them).

Having now seen this, I obviously was wrong, because although the paintings are essential to the plot of this movie based on true events, this is mainly a story about lonely souls trying to find their place in the world and needing to stay as far away as possible from people trying to take advantage of their talents.

I liked the journey that this movie took us on and it even went lots of places I never expected it to.

This movie is clearly held together tho by the very good performances of both Amy Adams (she won the Best Actress in a Comedy Golden Globe for this) and Christoph Waltz (who also got a GG nom).

Both of them make the characters come to life, but the movie is still a bit on the strange side and I can understand why members of the Academy would want to overlook it despite the HFPA’s obvious love for it

Bottom Line – Enjoyable movie that is held together by very good performances by Adams and Waltz.  Understandable tho why it didn’t get any Oscar nominations despite the actors being lauded for their work here. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy


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5 thoughts on “Big Eyes (2014)

  1. Nice take Rob. I personally didn’t expect to love this like I did. Though I like it better than some of the other nominated films, it is a little odd and dull compared to what is typically focused upon, so its lack of inclusion isn’t a surprise.

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