The Patriot (2000)

patriot“Aim small, miss small. ” – Benjamin Martin

Number of Times Seen – at least 10 times  (Theater in 2000, Video, DVD and 19 Jan 2015)

Brief Synopsis – During the days leading up to the Revolutionary War, a widowed father of 7 tries to keep his family together despite the impending war.

My Take on it – I remember leaving work early to be able to see this on opening day because the trailer looked so good…. and it was totally worth it

Roland Emmerich does an amazing job directing this action film and gives us brutally realistic action scenes along with a patriotic and touching movie experience.

Mel Gibson was still loved by all when this movie came out and I believe this was one of his best roles despite his ‘Colonial’ style haircut. 🙂

The supporting cast is excellent and even Heath Ledger was great in one of his earliest meaty roles.

The theme music for this movie by John Williams is one I can listen to over and over because of the patriotic feelings it brings up when listening to it.

Here’s a clip of the amazing theme music by John Williams

I am always moved by the patriotic feeling of this movie and despite its 3 hour running time, its always fun to watch.

Bottom Line – Great action movie depicting the events leading up to and during the Revolutionary War. Gibson is at his best despite a colonial haircut. Excellent patriotic theme music by John Williams. Overall patriotic message thst makes this a very moving and dramatic film. Highly recommended!

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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8 thoughts on “The Patriot (2000)

  1. I’m completely with you. I do love “The Patriot”. It is a great example of the seasoned acting talents of Gibson as well as the a performance from Ledger that showed he had more than a lot of young actors at the time.


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