Watchmen (2009)

 watchmen“None of you seem to understand. I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with *ME*! ” – Rorschach

Number of Times Seen – 2 (2 Jul 2009 and 5 Feb 2015)

Brief Synopsis – In an alternative world, a group of former superheroes try to figure out who is mysteriously killing them off one by one.

My Take on it – This movie mixes two of my favorite genres together; superheroes and alternative worlds/timelines/histories.

I was an avid comic book collector as a kid and always enjoyed the places comics could take us via our imaginations.

After high school, I no longer followed the comics like before, but still never lost the yearning and appreciation for that media.

Nearly ten years ago, a friend suggested I read the Watchmen series because he felt I would love it.

He was so right.

I couldn’t put down the graphic novel until I finished it and only wanted to read more about the fascinating world that Alan Moore created.

He successfully created an alternate history 1985 that was a blend of real history with tweaks he used to create a darker world still fearing the possibility of nuclear war.

When I heard the movie was being made, I was so excited to see it and really enjoyed the way they adapted it to the screen.

When I rewatched it now, I chose to watch the Ultimate Edition which was 3:35 minutes long.

I didn’t mind the length because it afforded me more time entrenched in the Watchmen world.

The movie was shot with the look and feel of the original comic including colors and framing that it still felt like I was once again clutching the graphic novel in my hands.

I loved how they developed the characters and the storyline and the pacing was superb.

Bottom Line – Excellent superhero world created so well that it makes us believe in its reality. Movie does a great job of adapting the graphic novel in so many ways that it constantly reminded me of the look and feel of the original comic. The Characters are richly developed and they even were able to subtlety mix real world history into the Watchmen world. Highly recommended!!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – In the beginning, during the opening credits, we see the original Nite Owl I stop a thief. There are Batman/Fledermaus posters hanging on the wall of the alley. We can assume the people he rescues are Mr. and Mrs. Wayne, the parents of Batman, coming out of the theatre. Thus, there’s no need for Bruce Wayne to become Batman in the Watchmen’s Universe.  (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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20 thoughts on “Watchmen (2009)

  1. Good one Rob. I too read the graphic novel (It is one of only 3 that I have read). I was impressed by the way it looked on the screen and the use of the music. It is sometimes so harsh that it is difficult to look at, but in the world of these characters it worked.


  2. Blah. Hate this . Zach Snyder caring way more about the visuals than telling a good story. All felt very garish to me and Malin Akerman is so bad. This is what makes me nervous about Batman v Superman. I hated Man of Steel so I have no faith in Snyder.

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  3. Excellent stuff Rob. I too was a massive fan of the graphic novel in my teenage years and I loved Snyder’s vision of it.

    Now I’m a bit older, I’ve grown out of superhero stuff but the Watchmen always has a special place for me. Still haven’t seen the directors cut, though. I’m desperate to.

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    • Thanks Mark. We never lose the inner us that loves superheros 😉

      Watchmen is a very adult story and it has so many layers that it can be scrutinized over and over.

      If ur a fan, I highly recommend the Ultimate Cut.

      Tnx for stopping by and commenting!



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  6. I have to disagree with your rating, Rob. I think Watchmen is only Globe worthy. Snyder does a brilliant job adapting the story of the Watchmen, and I love the visuals, but they are not the heart of the film, and that’s what’s missing.

    The heart of the movie is the news stand. In the graphic novel it’s the regular interactions at the newsstand that carry and ground the story. The kid reading the pirate comic. The woman complaining about her lover but willing to do whatever it takes to stay with her. The psychiatrist getting his paper. Rorshach getting his paper.

    It’s through the interactions at the newsstand that we understand what it’s like for the “regular Joey” to live on the very brink of MADness as Nixon is on the brink of Nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Without these numerous interactions, which happen to perfectly intrude on the pacing of the Watchmen’s story, the big event that does take place near the newsstand moments after all the regular people who normally pass each other by come together in a very emotional interaction has no emotional effect on the viewer whereas in the graphic novel it brought tears to my eyes.

    That is the true heart and soul of Watchmen, and Snyder missed it. I think this explains what went wrong with Man of Steel as well, as what are supposed to be very heartfelt moments in Clark’s life and likely meant to be the heart of the story are overshadowed by the action of the film.

    I am forever grateful to Snyder for coming so close to a perfect adaptation of one of the greatest comic book stories of all time, but I cannot forgive him for basically ignoring a key element of what makes Watchmen so great, us, the regular folk.


    • wow. great insight. i totally forgot abt the newsstand since i read the GN so many years ago. that being said, this was still an amazing movie that brings to life the excellent storyline.

      Yep, that was one of the things I didnt like abt Man of Steel too. When the tornado hits, we expect more from clark and jonathan, but instead we just get a look.

      as always, thanks for commenting Brad!


      • No question this is one of the most successful adaptations ever, along with the 60’s Batman. Yes, I just said that, it was ripped directly from the comics it was based off of.

        There was one other thing that only recently hit me as a lost point in Watchmen. Snyder changed Rorschach’s first kill from indirect like it was in the comics to direct. A lot of people were upset at the time, but only now do I realize he made a mistake here as well. I think that first kill and the path it led him down is meant to compare to events at the end of the film. I think you know what I mean and I don’t want to say anything to spoil it for people who have not read the graphic novel.

        As for the tornado in Man of Steel, I get what they were going for but I question why Clark could not have acted. Clark might have been able to get to him in time to get them both into the car. People have survived in strange ways from tornadoes, and it would have shown that Clark understood his father’s concerns and how the son surpasses the father. Not something he could get away with every day, but once in a while.

        However I was more referring to how the action was too long and too much and it took away from the heartfelt moments as they were filmed. There was a shift from a story of discovery to alien invasion. I’ve seen the film on FX a number of times recently and they cut it down to fit into 120 minutes. The story flows significantly better. Sometimes longer is needed, like with Watchmen, and sometimes it’s not.


        • Ur definitely more of an expert on watchmen than I am so I didn’t notice those things. Maybe one day I’ll reread the graphic novel…one day. Regarding the tornado. Its too bad he didn’t do that. I have always found the DC superhero movies more cerebral but MoS feels too much like they wanted to compete with Marvel by making it more action packed leaving much of the cerebral stuff on the wayside


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