Under Siege (1992)

under siege“Yes, of course! Hence the name: movement. It moves a certain distance, then it stops, you see? A revolution gets its name by always coming back around in your face. You tried to kill me you son of a bitch… so welcome to the revolution. ” – William Strannix

Number of Times Seen –  At least 5 times (Theater in March ’92, video, cable and18 Feb 2015)

Brief Synopsis – When a battleship is taken over by terrorists, a former Special Forces seaman must fight them off by himself.

My Take on it – When most people hear that Steven Segal is in a new movie, you automatically assume that its gonna be a no brain action flick with a really silly plot.

This movie is quite possibly the only exception to that rule.

This movie does a great mimic of a Die Hard kinda scenario where it’s just one man against a bunch of bad guys.

Segal happens to be great here despite his inability to really act and is truly only as an action hero.

But the best characters are played by Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey who both give insanely over the top performances here and steal every scene they are in.

Bottom Line – Segal’s best movie. Great attempt at Die Hard on the high seas. Jones and Busey are great as ever as the top adversaries. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – This is the only Steven Seagal movie to be certified fresh on Rottentomatoes.com. It’s also the only Seagal movie to receive Academy Awards nomination (though it did not win). (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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