Meathead March Inaugural Post

meathead march blogathon


Welcome one and all to my latest blogathon.


This month, we will be reviewing all of Director Rob Reiner’s movies.

I chose his movies because of teh diversity of the genre’s that he has directed.  How many other directors can claim to have directed movies so different like Misery(1990), The Princess Bride (1987) and When Harry Met Sally (1989)?

We have lots of reviews lined up for each of his 17 films and throughout March, there will be a new Reiner film showcased every week from Monday – Thursday.

If someone out there still wants to participate, it’s never too late, just email me your review and I’ll post it.

The films will be reviewed chronologically starting with his debut feature This is Spinal Tap through his latest endeavor And So It Goes (2014)

For those of you wondering, the reason this blogathon related to Reiner is named Meathead it’s because in the 70’s he played the iconic character of Mike Stivik on All in The Family who’s nickname was Meathead.

I hope you all will enjoy these reviews this month as much as I have!


Now let’s start hearing what we all thought about Rob Reiner’s movies!!!!


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