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meathead march blogathonFor today’s first review of The Princess Bride for the Meathead March Blogathon, here’s a review by Kim of Tranquil Dreams.

Thanks Kim!

princess bride poster

The Princess Bride (1987)


Director: Rob Reiner


Cast: Robin Wright, Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin, Chris Sarandon, Christopher Guest, Fred Savage, Peter Falk


While a young boy (Fred Savage) is home sick in bed, his grandfather (Peter Falk) comes over to tell him a story thats been in their family for a long time called The Princess Bride.  It takes them into the country of Florin where Buttercup (Robin Wright) falls unexpectedly in love with the farm boy called Westley (Cary Elwes).  Eventually, he goes across the sea in hopes of seeking fortune where news is eventually sent back to Buttercup that he lost his life on the ship held captive by Dread Pirate Roberts .  A few years later, Buttercup still in love with Westley, is engaged to Prince Humperdick until she is taken hostage by three bandits hoping to cast suspicions on Guilder, the enemy of Florin.  Except things go wrong when a masked hero appears and saves Buttercup where they go on an adventure that holds many surprises.

princess bride 1

The Princess Bride is a unexpectedly exciting fairy tale adventure.  What starts as a romance about finding and losing love, quickly turns into an adventure mixed with humor and moderate action, mostly in the form of sword fights. It never stops reminding us that we’re watching a story when it constantly goes back to the grandfather and the young boy’s interruptions.  It actually teases us with these little bits right when its about to get to some part that they’ve built up some form of anticipation and/or intensity.  That is part of what makes this charming and fun.

princess bride 2

The Princess Bride was released in 1987.  There is one aspect that is dated and that is the few creatures.  There’s no CGI and just some extremely fake looking four-legged things.  Still, its now more of an exaggeration that will put add a few giggles and a few remarks about how dated it is because it doesn’t retract from the story itself.


On that line of thought, a nicely pace story goes a long way but nothing helps it along better than the characters.  It seems every time I compliment a Rob Reiner movie, it has to do with its charming characters. Buttercup is the damsel in distress thats our heart away as we follow her focused and unbeatable believe in our one true love.  While an extremely young Cary Elwes takes us on an adventure, especially when we’re looking at his deep and beautiful blue eyes…

princess bride 3

There’s a ton of characters that would be worth a mention but I can’t do that here. The most charming character goes to Inigo Montoya, the Spaniard who is waiting to avenge his father.  Played by Mandy Patinkin, I remember this being one of the big surprises when I saw this a few years back.  Inigo Montoya is a fearless and fair expert in fencing and although he starts as part of the kidnapper, we know right away he is an honorable man.

princess bride 4

There aren’t enough praises for The Princess Bride. Its fairytale story is fun and exciting to watch. The characters are honorable protagonists.  What makes this great is that we know its a story and yet it seems like we’re as absorbed as the grandson slowly becomes, looking forward to whats going to happen next.



7 thoughts on “Meathead March – The Princess Bride (1987) -Tranquil Dreams

  1. Reblogged this on Tranquil Dreams and commented:
    Check out my review over at MovieRob’s Meathead March Blogathon. In case that confuses you, it is a blogathon based on Rob Reiner directed films. My first entry is for the simply beautiful and exciting Princess Bride.

    It started this week, so if you missed any, remember to head over and check it out.


  2. Mmmm. Young Cary Elwes. I’m sorry, Kim, were you talking about something? 😉 The Princess Bride is one of my all-time favorites. It is literally everything you could possibly want wrapped up in one movie. So glad to see you like this one, too, lady! Nice work! 😀


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