Meathead March – Misery (1990) – MovieRob (Encore Review)

meathead march blogathonFor today’s final review of Misery (1990), here are my thoughts on it

misery1 “He didn’t get out of the COCKADOODIE CAR!” – Annie Wilkes

Number of Times Seen – Between 5-10 times (Cable, DVD, 27 Jul 2014 and 10 Mar 2015)

Link to original reviewHere

Brief Synopsis – After a successful writer is injured in an accident, he is taken in by his #1 fan, a nurse who forces him to write a new novel for her

My Take on it – I’m personally not the biggest fan of horror, but for some strange reason, I’ve always enjoyed Stephen King’s works both on paper and his movie adaptations.

My favorites are obviously his thrillers or “normal” stories, but I have been known to also enjoy his horror.

I read this book years ago and also have seen the movie numerous times and despite the book still being more terrifying and psychotic, I have always had a warm place in my heart for this movie adaptation.

I think King is usually at his best when he bases a lot of the main character’s personality on himself.  In this movie, once again the main character is a writer and King was able to use his own experiences with (diluted) fans to make the story seem even more real than possible.

Kathy Bates is amaizng here and she definitely deserved the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of a completely psychotic woman  who had very expressive mood swings.

The idea to have a plot where two characters in a house are trying to outwit one another when each believes they are smarter than their other is genius and is done extremely well here.

William Goldman did a great job adapting the source novel for the screen and although it’s not King’s best adaptation, it’s high on the list.

My one complaint about this movie is the fact that it’s not as effective upon rewatching.  That isn’t to say it isn’t done well, but sometimes the scenes that jump out as surprises the first time around lose their shock factor on subsequent viewings.

Bottom Line – Great performances by Bates and Caan as they try to outwit each other.  More powerful during it’s first viewing, but still a taut thriller perfectly constructed by Goldman’s expert adaptation of King’s novel. Highly recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia –  As of 2014 this is the only Stephen King adaptation to receive an Academy Award. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy (no change from original review)


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