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meathead march blogathonFor today’s first review of A Few Good Men (1992), I bring you a review by Eric of the IPC with his thoughts.

Thanks Eric!


Howdy Movierobians!


Today you’ll be seeing something a little different out here, but hopefully you have fun.


If you’re familiar with my site, you know I write about shit movies and, when they’re not shit, usually movies more of the independent variety and there’s a reason for that. I watch Hollywood movies, sure, but I never know what I could say that hasn’t been said before by MUCH better writers than me. For example, the other day I watched the new Godzilla for the first time – long after almost everyone I read has written about it. What could I bring to the table other than saying that I didn’t like it very much…. nothing. So that’s why I stick to the more obscure things and – here we are today.


When I signed up for this blogathon (and this movie) I struggled with how I would approach it – I mean – who hasn’t seen this and who hasn’t read or wrote about it. if you’re the ONE person out there who hasn’t seen it, it’s an Oscar worthy drama about prosecuting one of the most decorated men in the American military. It’s EXCELLENT and the acting performances are outstanding – even Tom Cruise.


So, I thought, since everyone’s seen this and said “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!” a thousand times, I thought we’d do a knowledge check and see how much you were paying attention. None of these questions come from the IMDB trivia page – so don’t go look there, just put on your thinking caps, pour yourself some shots and do some thinking.


The person who gets the most answers correct will be able to challenge Rob AND I to something. We’re not sure what yet as we haven’t talked about it – but it will be something fun. A movie to watch? A trivia challenge? Rob has to run around his block in only a thong and post it here? Who knows!

Actually, we decided that the winner will each get to force both of us to do something we hate doing; I will review any (1) Academy Award winning movie that you choose and Rob will review any (1) horror movie that you choose.

This will be hell for both of us, but in order to satisfy you dear readers, we are willing to give it a try, so answer away…..

In the event of a huge tie, we will think of some kind of tiebreaker since neither of us want to watch 20 movies that you guys choose. 🙂

There’s one rule: DON’T put your answers in the comments. Comments are great (of course) but if you want to guess, send them to either or If you want to win, you don’t want anyone taking credit for you getting something right.


Here we go:


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