My 2nd Blogiversary!!!!









Well today is my 2 year blogiversary and I’m amazed that I’ve been at this for two years now.

Besides this milestone for me, today is also my daughter’s 3rd birthday (Happy B-Day H.!!!)

My site would be nothing without all of you, so I first want to thank you all for your comments, encouragement and your contributions that have made MovieRob what it is today.

Since I’m a stat freak, here’s a bunch of interesting stats from the past year’s posts with comparisons to the previous year:

  • I now have 279 followers (1st year – 150)
  • This site has had 33,128 hits. (1st year – 5,923)
  • I have reviewed 714 movies this year  (1st year – 676)
  • of those 353 have been movies that I have never seen before (that’s over 49%) (1st year – 282 – 42%)
  • 52 of those movies reviewed have been reviewed more than once by me (1st year – 8)
  • of my 714 reviews 239 have been rated 4 stars (Oscar Worthy) 33.47% (1st year – 233 – 34.47%)
  • of my 714 reviews 271 have been rated 3 stars (Globe Worthy) 37.95% (1st year – 238 – 35.21%)
  • of my 714 reviews 142 have been rated 2 stars (BAFTA Worthy) 19.88% (1st year – 126 – 18.64%)
  • of my 714 reviews 62 have been rated 1 star (Razzie Worthy) 8.68% (1st year – 79 – 11.68%)
  • I ran 3 (somewhat 🙂 ) successful blogathons; Alfred Hitchcock (together with the amazing Zoe from Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginning Blogger), James Bond and most recently Rob Reiner
  • I have added a new monthly complimentary series to Genre Grandeur  called Genre Guesstimation where I try to watch more movies from the monthly GG in order to attempt to find new favorites.

My biggest accomplishment tho has still been to make so many great blogging friends, so a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for helping me make this milestone.

Here’s to another year of lots of fun movie reviews!!!

46 thoughts on “My 2nd Blogiversary!!!!

  1. Its been a pleasure being your friend and reading about your passion for movies. Look forward to what you got in store for us this year. Congrats on reaching this milestone, your site is an inspiration to other bloggers who wish they could put in as much effort as you do.

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  2. Nice job Rob. My apologies for getting to this post so late. An anniversary is always impressive and at the rate u review it’s truly astounding. As a twist in the late Spock, May u review long and prosper!

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