Milestone Marathon Harry Potter 1-8


Well, once again we have come to another milestone, this time 1400 movie reviews, so I am here to once again have a marathon review; this time of the Harry Potter movie series.

I have a very rocky history with Harry Potter.

When the books originally came out, I was very anti reading them and avoided them at all cost because I felt that they were silly children’s books.

Before the first movie came out in 2001, a friend convinced me to try and read the first one and I reluctantly agreed and then ended up reading the book in less than a day because I enjoyed it so much and couldn’t put it down.

This followed by me reading the 2nd and 3rd books also at a very fast pace.

Which is where I encountered the 4th book which starts off so slooowwwly that I got so turned off by the series that I stopped reading them.

I still remained a fan of the movies despite loosing my enthusiasm and patience for the books.

The first 2 movies I saw in the theater and once more on DVD, but all of the subsequent movies, I only saw once; all but 3 and 4 were seen in the theater too.

Earlier this year, I decided to take it upon myself to overcome my aversion to the books and read them all start to finish and then watch the movies in a row.

It has taken me three months to do so, but I finally made it thru all 7 books and I must now say that I loved all of the books and had a lot of trouble putting any of them down even with their daunting number of pages in each and every book.

I loved how the books got darker and deeper as you continued book after book and there was so much planning involved in constructing this unbelievable story.

The movies (like all adaptations) aren’t as rich in exposition as the books are, but they still give us enough of a picture of what is happening and why.

Thru the rest of the day, you will be able to see my views on all 8 movies (one review every hour).

Once again, without any of you, this wouldn’t be possible, so I profoundly thank each and every one of you for following my thoughts on the movies I see.

I plan on once again doing another Movies from the Hat for my next milestone (1500), so put those thinking caps on to try and think of your selections.  In a week or two, I will hopefully send out a proper announcement.

Without further ado, here are my thoughts on the Harry Potter series!


3 thoughts on “Milestone Marathon Harry Potter 1-8

  1. Ha, I didn’t want to read the books, either, just because of all the hype. I went through a stage where I was really into “classical” actors like Alan Rickman, so I watched the first couple of HP films. Then I read the books, and fell straight into the HP fandom realm. Well, as much as I get fan-like about anything. *laugh* Actually, the books got me through grad school–they were my mental vacation from analytically steeped historiographical trains of thought.


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