The Magnificent Yankee (1950)

the-magnificent-yankee“It’s a free country. Everybody’s entitled to his opinion… even the President of the United States.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Number of Times Seen – 1 (28 Apr 2015)

Brief Synopsis – A biopic of the great American jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes over the 30 years that he served on the US Supreme Court.

My Take on it – I came across this movie by accident and was intrigued to see what a biopic of a former US Supreme Court Justice could tell me about his life and his influence on history.

Boy was I surprised as to how great this movie was.

The movie only gives us a brief overview of his 30 years on the bench, but we learn so much about his personality, perfectionism and love of the law that we get a very clear picture of who he really was and why and how he had so much influence on the interpretations of the laws governing the US.

Henry Calhern is great here in the title role and I definitely can understand how he could get nominated for an Oscar for this role after he won the Distinguished Drama award for playing the same role on Broadway a few years earlier.

This is a very educational film about how Jurists can and have effected the way that the country is run even at the beginning of the last Century.

Bottom Line – Great movie that tells so much about a man most of us have heard of, but know nothing about. Calhern is amazing here and I completely understand how he could have won a Distinguished Drama Award for this role and get nominated for the Oscar. Very educational film about the role of jurists in US History. Highly recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The play, “The Magnificent Yankee,” opened at the Royale Theater in New York on January 22, 1946, and ran for 159 performances, with Louis Calhern in the lead role. While other Hollywood actors were eligible to play Oliver Wendell Holmes, MGM decided to let Calhern reprise his Broadway role in the film, to thank him for his many years of service as a supporting player at their studio. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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