Movies From the Hat 2 – Vertigo (1958)

Recommended by Melissa of Snap Crackle Watch

(Recommendation #9 of 30)

Tnx Melissa!

vertigo“Anyone could become obsessed with the past with a background like that!” – Scottie

Number of Times Seen –  2 (sometime in 1991 on video and 20 May 2015)

Brief Synopsis – A former policeman suffering from agoraphobia is hired to keep surveillance on a married woman suffering from a mental ailment.

My Take on it – It’s actually quite surprising that someone like me has really seen so few of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, but I just don’t feel such a draw to them as even I would expect.

This is a movie that I saw once during high school as s classroom assignment but I didn’t remember much of it when I sat down to watch so essentially it was a new watch for me from that perspective.

The plot is somewhat interesting but I felt that it dragged a bit and wasn’t as sharp as some of Hitchcock’s other greats.

The chemistry between James Stewart and Kim Novak is virtually non existent and that hurts the believeability of the movie IMHO.

One thing Hitchcock always got right were the plot twists and this one is filled with them which adds to the suspense.

Bottom Line – Interesting plot, but not even close to being among my favorite Hitchcock films. Stewart and Novak have so little chemistry that it hurts the believability of the story. Nice plot twists that add to the suspensefulness of the mystery. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – When Kim Novak questioned Alfred Hitchcock about her motivation in a particular scene, the director is said to have answered, “Let’s not probe too deeply into these matters, Kim. It’s only a movie.” (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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