Movies From the Hat 2 – Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Recommended by Kim of Tranquil Dreams

(Recommendation #14 of 30)

Tnx Kim!

gone baby gone“He lied to me. Now I can’t think of one reason big enough for him to lie about that’s small enough not to matter. ” – Patrick Kenzie

Number of Times Seen – 3 (26 Dec 2007, Aug 2009 and 21 May 2015)

Brief Synopsis – Two private detectives are hired to find a missing girl by her aunt and uncle since tge girl’s mother constantly neglected her.

My Take on it – We all know Ben Affleck the actor, but this was his first foray behind the camera and he does an amazing job of adapting Dennis Lehane’s novel to the screen.

He keeps the story moving the whole time and rarely are there lulls in the momentum because we constantly are given more and more information that keeps making us rethink differently about what is really going on.

All star cast that includes Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, John Ashton, Amy Ryan, Michelle Monaghan and Affleck’s brother Casey.

This movie raises so many wuestions about morality and about who has the moral authority to make the best decisions.

Lehane has a few other novels with the same private detective characters. Maybe one day I’ll get around to reading them and hopefully they will be as good ss this one is.

Bottom Line – Great plot that is constantly in motion giving us excellent twists and turns along the way. Amazing cast deftly handled by Affleck in his directorial debut. Raises very interesting questions about morality and who should be able to make life changing decisions. Highly recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Amy Ryan was so convincing with her Boston accent in her audition, that director Ben Affleck asked her what part of Boston she was from. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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6 thoughts on “Movies From the Hat 2 – Gone Baby Gone (2007)

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  2. I have been meaning to rewatch this again as I enjoyed it so much when it came out. You should check out the Kenzie & Gennaro series, it is really good, and there are some great books in there. Lehane is a phenomenal writer.


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