Temporal Top Ten – 2012


top ten

Number of movies seen from this year – 125
Number of movies reviewed – 101 (including 8 Encore Reviews)


2012 was a great year for movies.

My #1 this year was IMHO one of the best made musical adaptations to the screen. I really could feel the character’s plights and the production and music was done unbelievably.

#2 is the finale of an amazing series that was just a tad off from being even better than its predecessor but nevertheless was a great ending to the epic tale.

#3, #4 and #5 are extraordinary documentaries that really catch you emotionally and were done extremely well.

#6 was the ultimate Oscar champ that year and even though it’s a great Hollywood making fun of itself movie which was loved by all of the insiders, it just isn’t perfect.

#7 is a return to original sci-fi that really took us all for a loop because it was so great.

#8 is a return to form for Disney animation with great characters, storyline and music.

#9 is a true to life story about a family searching for each other after tragedy strikes.

#10 is the first weigh station of a joint superhero adventure after the initial set of stand alone films. I liked it, but it still wasn’t as good as some of the stand alones.

UPDATE 7 Nov 2017 – I have added a new film as my #2 pick, thus bumping all the rest down one notch, my previous #10 is now an honorable mention

My Top Tenavengers

Honorable mention – The Avengersimpossible

10. The Impossibleralph

9. Wreck-It Ralphlooper

8. Looperargo

7. Argostories

6. Stories We TellFollow-Me-The-Yoni-Netanyahu-Story-2012-movie-poster

5. Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Storyinvisible war

4. The Invisible Wardark knight rises3. Dark Knight Rises

2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

les mis

1. Les Miserables

Here’s a complete list of movies that I’ve seen from 2012

  1. 21 Jump Street
  2. A Thousand Words
  3. Act of Valor
  4. Alex Cross
  5. Alter Egos
  6. Amazing Love
  7. Amazing Spider-Man, The  Encore Review
  8. Amour
  9. Arbitrage
  10. Argo
  11. Astronaut: The Last Push
  12. At Any Price
  13. ATM
  14. The Avengers
  15. Aya
  16. Babymakers, The
  17. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part I
  18. Beasts of the Southern Wild
  19. Being Flynn
  20. Best Man Down
  21. Big Miracle
  22. Bourne Legacy, The
  23. Brave
  24. Broken
  25. Campaign, The
  26. Celeste and Jesse Forever
  27. Chronicle
  28. Clinton: PBS Experience
  29. Cloud Atlas
  30. Company You Keep, The
  31. Compliance
  32. Contraband
  33. Curfew
  34. Dark Knight Rises, The  Encore Review
  35. Death of A Shadow
  36. Dictator, The
  37. Disconnect
  38. Django Unchained
  39. Dredd
  40. Emperor
  41. End of Watch
  42. Fill the Void
  43. Fire with Fire
  44. Five-Year Engagement, The
  45. Flight
  46. Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story
  47. For a Good Time, Call…
  48. Freelancers
  49. Freeloaders
  50. Game Change
  51. The Gatekeepers
  52. Ginger & Rosa
  53. Grabbers
  54. The Guilt Trip
  55. Hitchcock
  56. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Encore Review
  57. Hotel Transylvania
  58. The Hunger Games Encore Review
  59. The Hunt
  60. The Iceman
  61. The Impossible
  62. The Imposter
  63. The Invisible War
  64. Jack Reacher Encore Review
  65. Jewtopia
  66. John Dies at the End
  67. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
  68. Justice League: Doom
  69. Lawless
  70. Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out
  71. Les Miserables Encore Review Encore Review 2
  72. Liberal Arts
  73. Life of Pi
  74. Lincoln
  75. Looper
  76. Magic Mike
  77. Magic of Belle Isle, The
  78. Man on a Ledge
  79. Marvel One-Shot: Item 47
  80. Master, The
  81. Mirror Mirror
  82. Mud
  83. No Place on Earth
  84. Parental Guidance
  85. People Like Us
  86. Perks of Being a Wallflower, The
  87. Pirates! Band of Misfits, The
  88. Pitch Perfect
  89. Place Beyond the Pines, The
  90. Project X
  91. Prometheus
  92. Promised Land
  93. Reboot
  94. Red Dawn
  95. Red Lights
  96. Red Tails
  97. Rise of the Guardians
  98. Robot & Frank
  99. Rock of Ages
  100. Ruby Sparks
  101. Safety Not Guaranteed
  102. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
  103. Sessions, The
  104. Seven Psychopaths
  105. Silver Linings Playbook
  106. Sinister
  107. Skyfall  Encore Review
  108. Sleepwalk With Me
  109. Still Mine
  110. Stolen
  111. Stories We Tell
  112. Taken 2
  113. This Is 40
  114. Total Recall
  115. Trouble with the Curve
  116. Upside Down
  117. Ventriloquist, The
  118. Vow, The
  119. Watch, The
  120. West of Memphis
  121. What Maisie Knew
  122. What Richard Did
  123. Words, The
  124. Wreck-It Ralph
  125. Zero Dark Thirty



17 thoughts on “Temporal Top Ten – 2012

  1. Oh, what a great year! Totally agree on the beginning and end of your list, though I haven’t seen the middle. Just not much exposure to documentaries. Life of Pi, Hitchcock, and Men in Black 3 were excellent too. I always look forward to these Temporal Tens.

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