Temporal Top Ten – 2005


top ten

Number of movies seen from this year – 89
Number of movies reviewed – 45 (including 2 Encore Reviews)


2005 was definitely a weak year for movies overall IMHO.

As you will see from my list, it is populated by very few movies nominated for the mainstream awards which usually is considered a stamp of excellence.

Only two of the 5 Best Picture nominees appears here and they come in at #3 and #6.

My #1 is the final chapter of one of my favorite franchises (which is thankfully being reignited this year) and truly was the culmination of nearly 30 years of tales.

Ironically my #2 is the beginning of a new franchise that reinvigorated the genre of superhero movies and has created the benchmark for that genre ever since.

My #3 is a great retelling of a true story about avenging a terrorist act and how violence can create a never ending loop of more violence.

#4 is one of my favorite rom-com which combines a love story with baseball.

#5 is a great biopic of two musicians who had troubled lives and needed each other to survive and endure.

#6 is another biopic that was nominated for BP that year and tells the tale of how the media can affect politics and vice versa even during the turbulent 1950’s.

#7 is one of Judd Apatow’s best comedies that shows his future potential in the genre.

#8 is my favorite of a beloved 8 part movie franchise.

#9 is a great biopic about FDR’s attempt to recuperate from polio.

And finally #10 is another great Cameron Crowe movie with an amazing soundtrack.

UPDATE 16 Feb 2016 – I have added a new film as my #8 pick, thus bumping all the rest down one notch, my previous #10 is now an honorable mention

My Top Tenelizabethtown

Honorable Mention – Elizabethtownwarm springs

10. Warm Springsgoblet of fire

9. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Firegrizzly man

8. Grizzly Man40 yr old

7. The 40 Year Old Virgingood night

6. Good Night and Good Luckwalk the line

5. Walk the Linefever pitch

4. Fever Pitchmunich

3. Munichbatman

2. Batman Beginssith

1. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Here’s a complete list of movies that I’ve seen from 2005

  1. The 40-Year-Old Virgin
  2. Aeon Flux
  3. Assault on Precinct 13
  4. Batman Begins
  5. Brick
  6. Brokeback Mountain
  7. Broken Flowers
  8. Capote
  9. Chaos
  10. Cheaper by the Dozen 2
  11. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  12. Cinderella Man
  13. Coach Carter
  14. Colditz
  15. Descent, The
  16. Elektra
  17. Elizabethtown
  18. Empire Falls
  19. Everything Is Illuminated
  20. The Family Stone
  21. Fantastic Four
  22. Fathers and Sons
  23. Fever PitchΒ  Encore Review
  24. Flight 175: As The World Watched
  25. Flightplan
  26. Game 6
  27. Good Night, and Good Luck.
  28. Great Raid, The
  29. Grizzly Man
  30. Guess Who?
  31. Hard Candy
  32. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  33. Havoc
  34. A History of Violence
  35. Hitch
  36. Hostage
  37. The Interpreter
  38. The Island
  39. The Jacket
  40. Jane Doe: Now You See It, Now You Don’t
  41. Jarhead
  42. Joyeux Noel
  43. Just Friends
  44. Just Like Heaven
  45. King Kong
  46. Kingdom of Heaven
  47. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  48. Lie with Me
  49. The Longest Yard
  50. Lord of War
  51. A Lot Like Love
  52. Loverboy
  53. Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon
  54. Mantle
  55. March of the Penguins
  56. McBride: The Chameleon Murder
  57. Monster-in-Law
  58. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  59. Munich
  60. Must Love Dogs
  61. North Country
  62. Proof
  63. The Proposition
  64. Richard Jeni: A Big Steaming Pile of Me
  65. The River King
  66. Romance & Cigarettes
  67. Rumor Has It…
  68. Sahara
  69. School of Life
  70. Sin City
  71. Sky High
  72. The Squid and the Whale
  73. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith Encore Review
  74. Syriana
  75. The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
  76. The Tribe
  77. The Upside of Anger
  78. V for Vendetta
  79. Walk the Line
  80. War of the Worlds
  81. Warm Springs
  82. The Weather Man
  83. Wedding Crashers
  84. West Bank Story
  85. When Do We Eat?
  86. Where the Truth Lies
  87. Whoopi: Back to Broadway – The 20th Anniversary
  88. Yours, Mine & Ours
  89. Zathura: A Space Adventure



13 thoughts on “Temporal Top Ten – 2005

  1. Great idea to make a top 10 list for different years! I may have to copy you and make lists from other years, as well. πŸ™‚ But how in the heck did V for Vendetta not make your top 10??? Actually, V for Vendetta was released in 2006; did you see a special screening in 2005?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Only saw it once and I liked it but didn’t love it. Gotta rewatch it tho. Its on my shortlist. Tnx Gary. Feel free. I go according to the IMDB release date not when I saw it check out all if the years ive done so far (there are 30 I think)


      • Oh, actually if you look at V for Vendetta on the page it says it was released March, 2006; if you pull the movie up it reads made in 2005. I remember watching it opening night in the spring of 2006. I remember b/c I saw the midnight showing and then went back the next night to watch it again. One of my all time faves! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

        • Im gonna try and bump this up my list due to ur enthusiasm Gary. Again my classification always goes by the indb date which in this case is 2005. Tnx for stopping by and commenting!


          • Yeah, the only reason I am even discussing the date for V for Vendetta is b/c I think 2006 may very well be the best year of releases I have witnessed. V for Vendetta is one of those on that 2006 list. If you look at the front page for V for Vendetta it says the releases was 2006; but if you type it up on the search bar it reads 2005. But I count it as 2006 b/c that’s when it had its theatrical release. I guess IMDB goes by 2005 b/c that’s when it was shot. I only bring this up b/c that 2006 list I have is important and V for Vendetta and Hard Candy both are on that list and are in my top 5 favorite films of all-time. I think I need to make an entry in the near future of all the releases in 2006 and why it was such a great year. And honestly, I thought last year was really strong, as well. I had a hard time making a 2014 top 10 list.


            • I definitely agree that 2014 was a strong movie year. My two favorite years are 1994 and 1999 because they both had lots and lots of great movies.

              I actually found 2005 to be quite weak and 2006 wasn’t exceptional, but still a year with some great films.

              according to what I understand about how IMDB works, if a movie is released anywhere during a specific year, that is the release year. I doesn’t matter when the gala premier takes place.

              As far as V for Vendetta goes, it was shown at a film festival in Austin in Dec 2005 so they gave it a 2005 release date.

              I understand why it’s important to you to have it in ur 2006 list, but there is no rule that you MUST use the IMDB classification.

              I personally just prefer to use it out on convenience.

              As always I appreciate your support and thanks for stopping by!


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  3. Bold choice with Star Wars over Batman, Munich or Good Night and Good Luck. I do need to go back and rewatch the prequels though – especially before December. Great list as always.

    Liked by 1 person

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