Temporal Top Ten – 1996


top ten

Number of movies seen from this year – 126
Number of movies reviewed – 86  (including 7 Encore Reviews)

1996 was yet another very prolific movie year for me.  I saw a lot of these films in the theater and making the choices for the top 10 wasn’t easy at all.

My #1 was actually a simple choice for me because it is, IMHO, one of the very best crime dramas ever made and the Coen Brothers did an amazing job with the storyline.

#2 is probably a movie that most of you have never heard of, but it’s a great “friendship” movie with excellent music and an amazingly likeable A-List cast.

#3 is the eventual Oscar Best Picture winner and despite it being a long epic love story, it really is great.  I loved the characters, the storyline and above all else, the chemistry between the characters.

#4 is an amazing movie about life’s ups and downs and how we should utilize every moment as best as we can. Also has one of the best movie catch phrases ever . 🙂

#5 is Kenneth Branagh’s superb 4 hour version of a Shakespearean Classic  that really proved his ability as an actor and director.  It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t do projects like this anymore.. 😦

#6 is one of the best movies from the long running sci-fi franchise

#7 is a movie that blew me away when I saw it in the theater and despite it’s numerous plot holes and lots of silliness is still a guilty pleasure of mine

#8 is a great movie that I only came across last summer. It tells a great story of how a family tries to deal with psychological problems upon their son’s return from Vietnam.

#9. is another guilty pleasure of mine which was a very moving film that helped highlight Robin Williams’ dramatic talent in a role perfect for him.

and finally #10 is one of the (very) few horror movies that I have enjoyed.  The sequels it produced made things even more convoluted and confusing, but the original on its own does a wonderful job.

Updated 1 Jan 2020 – Hamlet has moved up a slot to #4 moving all subsequent films down


My Top Tenscream

10. Screamjack

9. Jackwar at home

8. The War at HomeID4

7. Independence DaystFC

6. Star Trek: First ContactJM

5. Jerry Maguire  hamlet
4. Hamlet
english patient

3. The English Patientbeautiful girls

2. Beautiful Girlsfargo

1. Fargo

Here’s a complete list of movies that I’ve seen from 1996

  1. 2 Days in the Valley
  2. 101 Dalmatians
  3. The Arrival
  4. Bad Moon
  5. Beautiful Girls
  6. Bed of Roses
  7. Big Night
  8. The Birdcage
  9. Bound
  10. Breaking the Waves
  11. Broken Arrow
  12. Bulletproof
  13. The Cable Guy
  14. Carpool
  15. Chain Reaction
  16. The Chamber
  17. City Hall
  18. Courage Under Fire
  19. The Crucible
  20. Daylight
  21. Dear Diary
  22. Diabolique
  23. Down Periscope
  24. Dragonheart
  25. Eddie
  26. Eisenhower: Supreme Commander in Chief
  27. Emma
  28. The English Patient       Encore Review
  29. Eraser
  30. Evita
  31. Executive Decision
  32. Extreme Measures
  33. Eye for an Eye
  34. The Fan
  35. Fargo              Encore Review         Encore Review 2
  36. Fear
  37. Feeling Minnesota
  38. The First Wives Club
  39. Fled
  40. Flirting with Disaster
  41. Fly Away Home
  42. From Dusk Till Dawn
  43. The Funeral
  44. The Ghost and the Darkness
  45. Ghosts of Mississippi
  46. Glimmer Man, The
  47. Gotti
  48. Grace of My Heart
  49. Hamlet                        Encore Review
  50. Happy Gilmore
  51. Hard Eight
  52. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  53. If These Walls Could Talk
  54. I’m Not Rappaport
  55. In Love and War
  56. Independence Day  Encore Review   Encore Review 2
  57. The Island of Dr. Moreau
  58. It’s My Party
  59. Jack
  60. Jerry Maguire
  61. Jingle All the Way
  62. Joe’s Apartment
  63. The Juror
  64. Kingpin
  65. Larger than Life
  66. Last Man Standing
  67. Lone Star
  68. The Long Kiss Goodnight
  69. Mars Attacks
  70. Marvin’s Room
  71. Mary Reilly
  72. Michael
  73. Michael Collins
  74. The Mirror Has Two Faces
  75. Mission: Impossible
  76. Mother
  77. Mulholland Falls
  78. Multiplicity
  79. Muppet Treasure Island
  80. My Fellow Americans
  81. North Star
  82. The Nutty Professor
  83. One Fine Day
  84. The Pallbearer
  85. The People vs. Larry Flynt
  86. The Phantom
  87. Phenomenon
  88. The Portrait of a Lady
  89. The Preacher’s Wife
  90. Primal Fear
  91. The Quest
  92. Ransom
  93. The Rock
  94. Romeo + Juliet
  95. Scream
  96. Secrets & Lies
  97. Sgt. Bilko
  98. She’s the One
  99. Shine
  100. Sleepers
  101. Sling Blade
  102. Space Jam
  103. The Spitfire Grill
  104. Spy Hard
  105. Star Trek: First Contact Encore Review
  106. Stealing Beauty
  107. Striptease
  108. The Substitute
  109. Swingers
  110. That Thing You Do!
  111. Thinner
  112. A Time to Kill
  113. Tin Cup
  114. To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday
  115. Trainspotting
  116. Trees Lounge
  117. The Truth About Cats & Dogs
  118. Twelfth Night: Or What You Will
  119. Twister
  120. Two If By Sea
  121. Two Much
  122. Up Close & Personal
  123. A Very Brady Sequel
  124. The War at Home
  125. When We Were Kings
  126. White Squall


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