Woman in Gold (2015)

woman in gold“My sister, Louise—I truly loved her, but truth is, we were always competitive. If life is a race, you beat me to the finish. But if life is a boxing match, I’m the last one standing.” – Maria

Number of Times Seen – 1 (23 Jun 2015)

Brief Synopsis – Based on the true events of a woman who sued the Austrian government in order to repatriate an art collection stolen from her family by the Nazis in the 1940’s

My Take on it – Before watching this movie, I knew absolutely nothing about it and was very surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

This movie is both a historical drama and a courtroom battle that is very interesting to watch.

We get to see events from a few different time periods of the main character’s life which was very helpful to the understanding of the plot.

Both of the main actors do a wonderful job here.

Helen Mirren is known for being a great actress, but Ryan Reynolds is still in the process of proving himself and I believe that this movie is a huge step for him in being recognized for his talent.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if both of these performances will be remembered when the awards season swings into action in the fall.

The events portrayed here are very important ones to be publicized and I’m very happy to have been enlightened by the way this movie is presented.

As with most true story adaptations to the screen, I’m sure not all of it is completely true, but knowing that the majority really happened is inspiring enough

Bottom Line – Excellent movie about a true event that is important to be publicized. Mirren and Reynolds are both excellent in their roles. It will be interesting to see if come Awards time, anyone will remember these performances. Highly recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The full name and citation of Maria Altmann’s Supreme Court case is: ‘Republic of Austria v. Altmann’, 541 U.S. 677 (2004). (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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