Temporal Top Ten Recap



Well, after 3 months and 35 posts, I have finally managed  to record a list of my favorite movies of each of the past 35 years (1980-2014)and have also managed to reconstruct (as well as I could) the full list of movies that I’ve seen that were released in each of those years.

To check out my full stats or any of the posts themselves, feel free to check them out here.

As of the end of June, I have now reviewed 1228 movies from these years and watched (approx.) 3757 movies from this era.

UPDATE – 17 Jan 2016 – 1578 movies reviewed and 3983 watched during these years

I have really enjoyed this journey down memory lane and am trying to figure out how to proceed with this series.  I have 50+ years of movies that I haven’t yet classified, but since there are numerous years where my list of movies watched (or reviewed) isn’t very prolific and in some cases, I can’t even get to 10 movies that I can call my favorites, I’m stumped.

My dilemma also is that if I do it by decades or even half decades, then I won’t be able to still do a list of my favorite movies in each year.

Soooooo, I decided to once again throw a contest with the prize being that you can ‘force’ me to watch any 5 movies of your choice.

The contest itself is pretty simple; all you have to do is think up a way for me to continue something similar to this series for the 50+ years remaining and if I choose your idea…you win.

Tnx to everyone who stopped by, recalled their favorites best/and or worst on the given week and left their comments letting me know their thoughts.

You guys help me to keep going on. So just continue to do what u’v been doing til now.

2 thoughts on “Temporal Top Ten Recap

  1. How about you compile your top 3 for each year and then arrange the top 3s for a five-year period (like 1960-1964). That way, you’ll have a top 15 for a five-year period, and the films will be ranked against both others from their year and others in the five-year period. Does that make sense?
    If you have ten favorites from a year, you could still do the top ten as you have been. Just an idea…

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