Hostage Flight (1985)

hostage flight“I’m not going easy… a man doesn’t have much in life, but at least he can choose when to die” – Bart Cooper

Number of Times Seen – 3-5 times  (TV in ’85, cable and 2 Jul 2015)

Brief Synopsis – After a plane is hijacked by ruthless terrorists, the passengers decide to try and fight back.

My Take on it – I recall when this was on TV and after seeing the previews for it, I made sure to catch it when it originslly aired.

It was very good to watch back then in a pre 9/11 world but the fact that it is even more poignant in our post 9/11 world makes it even more interesting especially when taking into consideration what happened on Flight 93.

This is your very typical made for tv movie cast with almost all of the actors being unrecognizable save for a small few familiar faces to keep us interested.
This time we get Dee Wallace, Mitchell Ryan and Ned Beatty to help lead the way.

The debate carried out among the passengers is even more relevant today than it was 30 years ago which helps to give us an even better plot than was originally conceived.

This movie has two filmed endings. Both are shocking and chilling and having seen them both it is difficult for me to say which is better because they both are very fitting.

Watching this now, gives me the urge to want to watch United 93 (2006) again. (Which I did) 😉

Bottom Line – This was a very interesting film to watch pre 9/11 and it is now even better to watch in the aftermath of 9/11 coupled with the events of Flight 93. Not a very memorable cast but Dee Wallace, Mitchell Ryan and Ned Beatty still stand out. The debate between the characters still is relevant today, 30 years later making this film feel quite prophetic in retrospect. Both endings are chilling and I personally don’t know which one I like better. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – This movie has two alternate endings. Both are shocking in their own way. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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