Nostalgia Nonsense #5 – Back to the Future (1985)


As a very impressionable 11 year old in the summer of 1985, I still can remember seeing Back to the Future for the very first time.

The coming attractions looked cool. I remember tgat the teaser was just a smoking Delorean whose doors opened up. Who really knew how good the movie would be.

Watch the teaser here:

I remember in July 1985 being at a strip mall with my family and the family of friends and the adults spontaneously decided to treat us all to this movie.

Right from the opening scene I was hooked and as an 11 year old was fascinated by a story that takes place just 3 months in the future. I even remember how my friends and I waited for Oct 26th to see if we’d get visited by a time travelling Delorean. (Little did I know that I’d still be fascinated by it and its two sequels 30 years later.)

My friends and I loved this movie so much that when it came out on cable and on video, we watched it so much that we knew it by heart.

I even recall instances where we would act out the whole movie line by line.

Whenever I watch this movie I am reminded of the fact that I never learnt how to drive a stick shift and how much trouble I’d be in if Libyan terrorists chased me at nearly 2am at Twin Pines Mall.

Silly me….

What’s interesting is that even after thirty years whenever I see this movie, I think of the characters being older than me despite them being only 17 or 18 in the movie.

Maybe it’s the kid trapped inside me….









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