Nostalgia Nonsense #11 – Spaceballs (1987)


On June 10th, 1987, we received terrible news; that a close friend of the family (who I was especially close to), tragically collapsed due to a heart attack while playing racquet ball with another family friend who was a brain surgeon.

I was personally devastated because this 35 year old man who died was like a surrogate father to me after having lost my own father to cancer 10 years earlier.  He had 3 very young daughters of his own, but still found time to talk to me whenever I needed

I was only 13 at the time, but I was quickly learning how easily life can be lost.

I still can’t believe how ancient I use to think 35 was at that age.  Having passed that milestone 6.5 years ago, it’s especially hard for me to comprehend how young that age really is to me now.

During that summer, the recent widow’s brother and his family came to our suburban town to try and help out in those difficult times.

Since they had a young 11 or 12 year old son, I was often included in some of their summer family excursions to give him someone close in age t be around.

I recall going to the Detroit Zoo one day, rollerskating another, and bowling also.

My most distinct memory tho was when they chose to take us all to see Spaceballs.

This was one of the first times when we all could let out our laughter in such tragic times for us.

Being a huge Star Wars and sci-fi fan, I recall loving this movie and from when we got out of the theater and all the way home, us kids couldn’t stop quoting the movie.

Our favorite scene was the “asshole” scene and we really annoyed the father because we kept repeating it over and over until he yelled at us to stop cussing.

Here’s the scene:

I still believe that this is one of Mel Brooks’ best parody movies and can watch this over and over and every time I will be reminded of those bittersweet memories from almost 30 years ago


6 thoughts on “Nostalgia Nonsense #11 – Spaceballs (1987)

  1. I’m also an avid Star Wars fan and love Mel Brooks’ movies. “Spaceballs” was a hoot when I saw it the first time, and I also have it on DVD and watch it again on occasion. Glad it allowed you to laugh during a tragic time, lord knows we all need a pick-me-up and this movie will do it. May the Schwartz be with you. 😉

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