Argumentative August #21 – Amistad (1997)

Here’s the next entry in our Argumentative August blogathon. Check out Ryan’s thoughts on Amistad (1997)

Ten Stars or Less


Argumentative August #21 – Amistad (1997) –

Rob and I would like to once again welcome you to another review for our Argumentative August Blogathon. This next film, Amistad is being reviewed by myself here at Let’s see what I thought of this movie….

What did I like?

After watching Amistad for the second time in my life all I could think about was my 11th grade U.S. History class. In an attempt to bring history alive our teacher would show us movies that were related to the material we were studying.

Fast forward almost two decades later and all I can say is look at the careers of everyone in involved in this movie. This part, as lame as it sounds, was my favourite. To see the hunger in Matthew McConaughey’s acting, the wise old man political thinking of Anthony Hopkins, the ever versatile Morgan Freeman, and the…

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