My Fate Has Been Sealed by the Dark Side of the Force


Last month in order to help celebrate the festivities of Cara’s Blogiversary over at Silver Screen Serenade, I chose to challenge my fellow bloggers to correctly name 15 minor Star Wars characters from the original trilogy.

Most were able to only name a small handful, but 3 bloggers took the challenge to heart and attempted to name all 15.

Mutant over at Cinema Parrot Disco was the only one of the three to get all 15 correct.

Both Drew of Drew’s Movie Reviews and Tim of Filmfunkel came damn close by each only missing two.

The stipulated prize was that the winner could choose 3 movies that I would be forced to watch and review.

As a token of my appreciation to Tim and Drew for coming so close, I gave each a consolation prize of being able to chose one movie for me to watch and review for them.

My conclusion is that all 3 of these winners must hate me because their choices of movies seem to have been chosen in order for me to suffer as much as possible.

I’m not quite sure what I did to any (or all for that matter) of them, but the hatred that seeped from their choices was evident right from the start.

In all fairness some of these choices were my own choice from a list they submitted, but I must admit that the lists were also skewed in favor of me having to watch movies that I would ultimately hate.

Over the next few hours, I will be releasing my 5 reviews of these movies and hope that my ranting on any of them is understood as rants against the films and not against those who suggested I watch them. 😉

*BTW, I know none of u hate me and this is all in jest. Tnx for contributing and for getting me to watch movies I probably would never have approached on my own volition.

5 thoughts on “My Fate Has Been Sealed by the Dark Side of the Force

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