Genre Guesstimation – My Darling Clementine (1946)

The idea behind this feature (Genre Guesstimation) is for me to watch a bunch of new movies (or ones that I haven’t seen many times) from the chosen monthly GG genre in order to expand my knowledge of movies within that particular genre.

This month’s Genre was chosen by Steven of Past, Present, Future in TV and Film and he chose Black and White movies as the Genre for August.  If you want to still submit a movie, the deadline is 25 August. Just send it to me at b& (if u need a slight extension, let me know)

Let’s see if I felt that this movie would be worthy of being in the company of my others favorite movies in the genre of B&W movies…

MY+DARLING+CLEMENTINE“Sure is a hard town for a fella to have a quiet game o’ poker in. ” – Wyatt Earp

Number of Times Seen – 2 (9 Jan 2008 and 17 Aug 2015)

Brief Synopsis – Wyatt Earp takes on the position of town Marshall in Tombstone and must find a way to deal with a local family causing trouble.

My Take on it – This was one of the best depictions of the shootout at the OK Corral between Marshall Wyatt Earp, his deputies and The Clanton family.

Director John Ford told this tale based on his own recollections having met Earp himself when he was younger.

Henry Fonda and Victor Mature are both great as Earp and Doc Holiday respectively.

There are many film historians that claim that this movie is the best and most perfect western ever made.

Personally, I can’t agree or disagree with that statement, but it was entertaining to watch.

Bottom Line – John Ford does a great job depicting the shootout at the OK Coral and the events preceding and leading up to it. Fonda is great as Earp and Mature does an excellent job as Holiday. Tells the story as it was told directly to Ford. Some claim that this is the most perfect western ever filmed. Highly recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Walter Brennan disliked John Ford so much that he never worked with him again. One time when Brennan was having a little trouble getting into the saddle, Ford yelled, “Can’t you even mount a horse?” Brennan shot back, “No, but I got three Oscars for acting!”(From IMDB)

Genre Grandeur Worthy? – Yes. This is a great western that is told succinctly and doesn’t go off on too many side stories.  This is now definitely among my favorite B&W films

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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