Terminator 4: Salvation (2009)

terminator salvation“We’ve been fighting a long time. We are out numbered by machines. Working around the clock,without quit. Humans have a strength that cannot be measured. This is John Connor. If you are listening to this,you are the resistance. ” – John Connor

Number of Times Seen – 2 (15 Jul 2009 and 25 Aug 2015)

Brief Synopsis – In 2018, John Connor must try and save a young Kyle Reese from being killed in order to insure his own existence.

My Take on it – Being a fan of this series, I wanted to finish reviewing them all and this is the last one that still hasn’t been reviewed by me yet.

This one has a very interesting and mind-bending plot that works as a stand alone movie, but is slightly weaker when trying to combine it with all of the other movies in the series.

I’m a bit surprised that they chose Christian Bale to play John Connor since he was still in the midst of donning the cape of Batman when this was made.  He is pretty competent here in the lead role, but I think that the character of Marcus as played by Sam Worthington is created much better here and has a more intriguing arc.

It was actually quite interesting to see the makeup of the earlier versions of the Terminators and how they eventually evolved into what we know from the other movies.

Bottom Line – Very interesting and mind blowing concept that works as a great action movie eventhough it slightly messes with the continuity of the series. Bale is a very competent John Connor, but Sam Worthington’s Marcus is a much better character with a more complex arc here. Doesn’t 100% fit in with the Terminator storyline, but it’s interesting to see early prototypes of the different kinds of Terminator robots used against the resistance.    Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The trick with keeping a shotgun attached around the arm that Marcus shows Kyle Reese, is used by the older Kyle Reese played by Michael Biehn at the beginning of the original The Terminator (1984), after he saws off the butt to shorten the shotgun he stole from the police squad car. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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