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B&WFor this month’s next review for Genre Grandeur – Black & White Movies, here’s a review of Casablanca (1942) by Tim of FilmFunkel

Thanks again to Steven of Past Present Future TV and Film. for choosing this month’s genre.

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Let’s see what Tim thought of this movie:


Casablanca (1942)


Casablanca Poster
I hate hype, it’s only ever caused damage between me and whatever the hype was about. Hype gets my imagination going and – like Han Solo – I can imagine quite a bit.

So, I avoided Casablanca every chance I could. How could any movie ever live up to the ridiculous hype that’s followed it about for decades – topping list after list?

But then one day I just watched it.

World War II. Humphrey Bogart, nightclub owner exiled in Morocco, in Casablanca. A man with a sordid past, forbidden from returning to America; a man man with a broken heart.

In walks Ingrid Bergman – the beauty who broke Bogie’s heart – with her husband!, leader of the French resistance against the Nazis.

In walks Conrad Veidt, Nazi Major tasked with stopping Bergman’s husband. Bogie can help Bergman, he has no great love for the Nazis… but he has great love for Bergman.

It’d be easy to help the Nazis make her husband disappear; and with him out of the way he could – wait a second! Why did she leave him? Should she not have told him she was married when they were in love?!?…

What to do? What to do?

It’s just a really great film. One that’s more than the sum of its parts: cast, script, acting, directing, all that. Casablanca embodies ‘movie magic’ for me and ‘magic’ is about as good an explanation as to why it’s such a personal favorite.

There’s a meaningless laundry list of great components not worth citing. So many other films had these great things as well, but never achieved the enduring status of Casablanca.

Sorry, one exception to that list –  for fans of the silent cinema – is the towering Conrad Veidt as the evil Nazi Major.

Conrad Veidt
I’ve never tied of watching Casablanca and I’ve watched it many times. I so prefer not to blather on about it as I would only hype it up and… well…

Seriously, if you’ve never seen it, just sit down and watch it. Casablanca can speak for itself just fine.

Bogart and Bergman

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