Nostalgia Nonsense #16 – Robocop (1987)


As a 13 year old when Robocop came out in ’87, I wasn’t able to see it in the theater.

My best friend at the time Y. had seen it and was raving about it for months until it came out on video.

I remember that the week that it was released on VHS, we went to the store on a Sunday morning to get a copy of it.

We went to my house and watched it twice in a row and cheered the whole time.

After we finished watching it, we rewound the movie to two of our favorites scenes and continuously watched them over and over in slow motion.

The two scenes were when Murphy gets shot and loses his hand and when Emil gets hit by a car and his head explodes.

I remember how difficult it was back then to rewind and fast forward in order to find the specific scenes.

It’s quite ironic, because it became easier when DVD’s came out and now with Youtube, streaming and electronic/digital copies of movies finding scenes are much easier.

It took me literally 2 minutes to find animated gifs of these two iconic scenes.

Check them out below!




Boy has technology made things easier for us.

I actually rewatched this movie recently and wasn’t as impressed now as I was close to 3 decades ago, but the memories of that day will stay with me for quite some time!




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