Nostalgia Nonsense #18- Robin Hood (1973)

robin hoodAs a kid, my parents were strong advocate to letting us experience all of the Disney classics.

When we got cable when I was 8, my parents decided to only get two “pay” channels, HBO for them and my older siblings and the Disney channel for me and my twin sister.

This allowed us to opportunity to watch all of the classics at least once and in many cases numerous times.

My favorite among all of the classics was Robin Hood where all of the main characters were portrayed by different members of the Animal Kingdom.  Robin and Marion were Foxes, Little John was a Bear, King Richard and Prince John were fittingly portrayed by Lions, the guards were vultures and Rhinos, Allan a-dale is a singing rooster, Friar Tuck is a badger and The Sheriff of Nottingham was portrayed by a wolf.

I have seen many of the incarnations of the Robin Hood story and have enjoyed most of them, (The Errol Flynn and Kevin Costner versions are two of the best), but for me these characters will always remain dearest to my heart despite not being the best story from a film making perspective.


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