Nostalgic Nonsense #22 – Titanic (1997)


We all have our standards in life and we usually base them on something we have seen or experienced in some way, shape or form.

Not surprisingly, I rely on the emotions felt during a movie to set many of my life standards.

There are many , many, many movies that are love stories and I can usually stretch my beliefs that the characters in their given circumstances were able to fall in love, live happily ever after and yada yada.

But in most cases, I can’t actually *feel* that they are really and truly in love.

This all changed when I saw Titanic (1997) when I was 23. In the mere 3 hours that I spent with Jack and Rose I truly and utterly believed that they really were in love and were willing to do anything for one another.

That to me, is what love means; to give anything to another person no matter the consequences.

This is one of the main reasons that I love this movie so much, it was able to realize on screen my personal feelings for what love is meant to be.

I have seen this movie more times tgat most 41 year old men would care to admit and it showed me what I was seeking in life.

After my first marriage ended very bitterly, I truly believed that one day I would still find my true love.

A few years after my divorce, I felt I was in the right new relationship, so I turned to my Dvd collection to get the final approval.

I watched this movie and I felt an even more personal connection to Jack and Rose and knew that my then girlfriend was the right choice to spend the rest of my life with.

I know this all sounds really corny, but I wouldn’t be known as MovieRob if things like this didn’t happen in my life. 😉

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