MovieRob Milestone Marathon – Alien Septrilogy

alien seriesWell, that time has come around again.

As many of your may have noticed [or not based on my sporadic traffic 😉 ], I have now reached the milestone of 1700 movies and as is my tradition, I decided to watch a marathon of a series of movies to commemorate this occasion.

This time, I chose to watch the movies related to the Alien series.

I debated for a while which series to watch and then I noticed that the first movie would fit nicely into my Genre Guesstimation series, so ultimately, it was a choice chosen by destiny (or by Sherise) 🙂

When I started watching, I thought I only had 6 movies to watch, but then I happened to come across the fact that AVP actually had a sequel, so I needed to work things around in order to watch 7 movies instead of just 6.

Over the next 7 hours, you will be treated to a review of each of the 7 movies in this franchise.

Once again, I have all of you to thank for helping me reach this new milestone; without your support, encouragement and of course your “likes” I never would have made it this far.

Thanks one and all!!!


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