Fantastic Four (2015)

fantastic four“How did we get this far? Human beings have an immeasurable desire to discover, to invent, to build. Our future depends on us furthering these ideals, a responsibility that rests on the shoulders of generations to come. But with every new discovery, there is risk, there is sacrifice… and there are consequences. ” – Dr. Franklin Storm

Number of Times Seen – 1 (18 Sep 2015)

Brief Synopsis – Four super smart teenagers create a device that allows them to travel between dimensions, but something goes wrong and they all get super powers in the transition.

My Take on it – I have been anxious to see this movie for quite some time because I’m a big fan of superhero movies.

When the first reviews started to come out, I couldn’t understand why everyone was blasting it; was it really that bad?

I knew that I had to see for myself, so I patiently waited to see it and after having seen it, I am able to confidently say that this movie is much better than most reviewers claim.

I think the problem with reviewing a movie like this is having the ability to watch it and look for its own merits as opposed to just comparing it to all of the recent superhero movies that are tied into the whole MCU.

This is by far the best Fantastic Four movie made to date and is a very competant origins story.

I liked the way that they updated the storyline to fit more into a modern world both technologically and racially. Most superheroes are Caucasian and the idea to make The Human Torch and his father African Americans works well here.

I think people need to learn to judge a movie like this on its own merits instead of comparing it to other blockbusters.

I’d be interested in seeing where they take this franchise from here.

Bottom Line – Very nicely done origin story that takes the history of these superheroes to a whole new level that feels up to date within the modern world including dealing with racial issues. Has been very unfairly compared to the MCU movies which is a travesty in and of itself. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The garage that Reed is working in as a child is the same garage that Biff keeps his car in Back to the Future Part II (1989). (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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13 thoughts on “Fantastic Four (2015)

  1. When I went to go see it, I had the same mentality as you. Except unlike you, I just couldn’t get behind this one. I think the time jump was a mistake (I like watching my heroes learn how to use their powers), the dynamic between the four didn’t feel familial to me, and Doom was a joke compared to what he is in the comics. It had it’s moments and I’m glad you enjoyed this but the comic book guy in me wasn’t so thrilled. Great review, Rob.

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  2. I agree, the movie wasn’t as bad as everybody claimed. I quite enjoyed it, even though it sometimes felt like a lengthy prequel. I guess there are a ton of better movies, but still, I would like to see a sequel and hope that the bad reviews won’t stop them from making one.

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  3. Racial issues have nothing to do with depicting Johnny Storm as black. The Fantastic Four of this movie are based more on Ultimate Fantastic Four than on the original team created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

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  4. Good review. It’s refreshing to see a fair take on this film. I haven’t seen it yet, but you make it sound worth watching for more than morbid curiosity. Thanks for that.

    As for the race issue, it’s about time we get some Black superheroes. Too bad they didn’t cast his sister with Black actress as well. People who get caught up on the race issue should also be bothered by logic of superpowers 😉

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  6. I never saw it’s failings in comparison with the Marvel Universe just in relation to what Fantastic Four should be. The beginning was actually very good but then they skipped all the important character development and decent, potential storylines with that ridiculous plan to jump a year ahead. Then it just felt rushed and sloppy. I’d prefer Marvel to have it back but I also don’t see where it would fit in that Universe now either.


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