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1970gg For this month’s next review for Genre Grandeur – Movies of the 70’s, here’s a review of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) by Kim of Tranquil Dreams.

Thanks again to Sherise of The Girl That Loved to Review. for choosing this month’s genre.

Next month’s Genre has been chosen by me.  In honor of the month when Marty McFly came to visit us here in 2015, I have decided that we will be reviewing our favorite movies featuring time travel.

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Let’s see what Kim thought of this movie:


Last month’s Genre Grandeur may have limited my choices quite a bit but this month, 1970s turns out to be a lot more pickings.  There are a ton of really nice movies and some great starts to fantastic franchises.  But, I’m not here to take that route.  Alien and Rocky for starters was great.  I love those franchises to bits but somehow, I don’t always go back to rewatch it.  My choice to rewatch is this awkward cult musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show released in the mid 70s.

rocky horror picture show poster

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) 

Director: Jim Sharman

Cast: Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Botswick, Richard O’Brien, Patricia Quinn, Jonathan Adams, Peter Hinwood


Brad and Janet are a newly engaged young couple.  On a rainy night, their car breaks down in an isolated place.  In the distance, they see a mansion that they could borrow a phone to call for help.  Little did they know, they had paid a visit to a transvestite, Dr. Frank-N-furter and he is holding a peculiar party that night.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a musical and one that is weird as hell.  Its exactly for all its awkward and peculiar weirdness that I love it.  Its a ton of fun to watch and the songs are super catchy.  If you can get past all the ridiculous amount of crazy going on here, it is a great show.  Plus, you can’t deny that the cast isn’t awesome. There is a campiness to it and the effects on the whole is pretty much dated but it is quite enjoyable. However, going back to the music, the dances that go with the music are so creative along with the characters design that contrast each other.

rocky horror 2

The best part of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is Tim Curry who plays Dr. Frank-N-Furter.  He is exceptional and captures that mad scientist really well.  Susan Sarandon is a fantastic actress and the young her playing Janet is all about temptations and opening up to those deep desires.  Barry Botswick (which I recently saw in Tales of Halloween) is great as Brad.  Along with the rest of the characters along with The Creation and the snippets of The Criminologist just adds this creative quirk to it.

rocky horror 1

There isn’t much to say about The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Its simple and weird, quirky and creative and I love it exactly for all those qualities along with the colorful characters and all the random events mixed with the fantastic music and all those dance sequence.  If you’ve seen this, the best example is that Time Warp song.  It gets me every time.  For all those reasons, the creativity and the absurdity of it all, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has a very unique and original place in the 1970s releases.


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    This month’s Genre Grandeur highlights movies of the 70s. While I love some franchises that had its start in the 70s, the movie I watch again and again all the time and always keeps its weird charm is The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
    Remember to head on over and check out my review on this awesome musical and see what other choices were chosen by others.


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