Halloween Kingathon – The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer (2003)

For Darren’s Day 3 choice for our October Kingathon, check out his review of The Dairy of Ellen Rimbauer (2003)

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Banner-3logoDirector: Craig R Baxley

Writer: Ridley Pearson (Screenplay) Stephen King (Characters)

Starring: Lisa Brenner, Steven Brand, Kate Burton, Tsidii Leloka, Brad Greenquist, Deirdre Quinn, Tsai Chin, Hans Altwies

Plot: Set at the turn of the century, this is the tale of Ellen Rimbauer who just received this mysterious mansion as a wedding gift from her new husband. Her husband is a Seattle oil tycoon who has a dark past which Ellen eventually finds out about. She becomes fearful of her husband when she learns of some disappearances of people that were close to him. Also there are some unexplained happenings at the Rose Red Mansion that might have a connection to these people who have disappeared. Now Ellen is worried she might be next.

There may be spoilers the rest of the review

Verdict: Slow Horror Drama

Story: The Diary…

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5 thoughts on “Halloween Kingathon – The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer (2003)

  1. Interesting. I didn’t know Rose Red had a prequel. I saw Rose Red years ago, but I remember I didn’t like it very much. I also didn’t like the main character. She had this annoying smile.


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