Halloween Kingathon – Cujo (1983) From Flashback/Backslide

Check out a review of Cujo (1983) by Damien of Flashback/Backslide for our October Kingathon! Tnx Damien!

Movie Reviews 101

Today we have Cujo review from Damien from Flashback/Backslide lets see what he thought
Cujo helps keep modern horror movies in perspective. It’s not that today’s horror movies are bad (and there have been plenty of good ones like The Babadook and It Follows). The genre itself is just prone to badness. Even with Stephen King’s brain contributing there are still huge flaws throughout this film starring a rabid dog who traps a woman and her son in their car for days.logo
The film is weak basically in every moment when Cujo is not attacking someone. I really didn’t need to watch the marital problems of Donna (Dee Wallace) and Vic (Daniel Hugh-Kelly). Or see how Steve (Christopher Stone) turns so deranged so quickly. Let’s focus on Steve for a second. He shows up in a handful of scenes, starting out as a suave partner and transforming to a creepy, jealous stereotype in record…

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