Halloween Kingathon – Tommyknockers (1993) From Early Morning Horror

Here’s another review of The Tommyknockers (1993). This time it’s by Whorer Fan of Early Morning Horror Reviews. Tnx WF!

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Banner-2Early Morning Horror Reviews is written by Whorer Fan, usually within the blue hours of the morning, when everything is quiet and eerie and there is no sunshine to ruin the mood. Her reviews are short, sarcastic, and sometimes very careful to make fun of as many painful details as possible. She enjoys good-bad horror films the most, collecting Halloween costumes and items, and having theme nights. She is afraid of spiders and dummies/ marionettes. See more here

Tommyknockers (1993)
Score: three out of five Stephen King appearances
TV Mini-Series? YUP (181 min)
My mom is a Stephen King novel lover, and out of all the choices available to me, lined up on the wall in my alternate playroom, I chose Tommyknockers to read as my first horror novel. I have no idea why, I think I liked the green on the cover. I did not, however, enjoy…

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