Halloween Kingathon – Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Here’s yet another review of Maximum Overdrive (1986). This time it’s being reviewed by an anonymous reviewer, so tnx Anon!

Movie Reviews 101


Director: Stephen King

Writer: Stephen King

Emilio Estevez, Stephen King (cameo)

Plot: When a comet passes through Earth, electronic devices (lawnmowers, electric signs, ATM machines, you name it!) start to move and decide to kill every organic being on the planet.

The film starts with a man (Stephen King) trying to withdraw some money from an ATM machine. But instead of dispensing some cash, the machine calls him “an a**hole.” From that point, everything went from bad to absolute madness in no time at all, as everything that was once useful to mankind started their assault: lawnmowers started shredding dogs, drawbridges began raising their pathways even when cars were still crossing, and electronics started electrocuting everyone. In one scene, a vending machine kills a man by shooting canned sodas at his groin and skull.

Mobile phones were hard to come by back in the late 80s but…

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