The Lion in Winter (1968)

Despite watching this in time for the 13th, I had a backlog of posts to write so I only got to it now.

This is a belated review for the Lucky 13 film club for October run by Cindy at Cindy Bruchman (sorry for my tardiness teacher Cindy)

lion“In a world where carpenters get resurrected, everything is possible. ” – Eleanor

Number of Times Seen – 1 (13 Oct 2015)

Brief Synopsis – Before he dies, Henry II, King of England must decide which of his three sons will inherit his throne which leads to much manipulation and plots to try and get the throne.

My Take on it – One of my favorite things about adaptations of plays to the screen is that quite often plays have very witty dialogue that must be used to elevate the story on the stage.

On screen, they have the added visuals to help make us believe that we have been transported to a different time and place and if we get some amazing dialogue added to the mix, things can get quite fun.

This movie has such amazing dialogue and it is expertly delivered by the amazing cast of actors who all have a string Shakespearean background.

Peter O’Toole, Katherine Hepburn, Timothy Dalton, John Castle, Nigel Stock and Anthony Hopkins (in his film debut) are all great here.

The dialogue delivered is sharp and knows how to hit its target.  It is also interesting to hear Hepburn deliver innuendo dialogue like the best of them.  She went on to win (tie) for Best Actress that year at the Oscars.

Now that I’ve finally seen this movie, I am quite baffled how it lost Best Picture to Oliver! (1968) because this movie is clearly better IMHO.

Bottom Line – Great dialogue makes this so much fun to watch.  Excellent cast of actors that included ones that were destined for greatness besides those who had already proved it previously. Baffles me that this didn’t beat Oliver! (1968) for Best Picture that year.  Hepburn really deserved her Oscar (even if it was a tie). Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Although Katharine Hepburn and Peter O’Toole had met years earlier and she was a great admirer of his work, she had no intention of putting up with the rather bad behaviour he often exhibited on his productions. “You’re known to be late,” she told him on the first day of work. “I intend for you to be on time. I hear you stay out at night. You’d better be rested in the morning if you’re going to work with me!” (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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8 thoughts on “The Lion in Winter (1968)

  1. A+, Rob! So glad you join the discussion. I love the trivia quote you included regarding Katharine to O’Toole. She really lived the part. November’s topic is the femme fatale. I hope you will watch or rewatch one and stop by to give your thoughts on November 13. Cheers, Cindy


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