Halloween Kingathon – Misery (1990) From S.G. Liput

Here’s a review of Misery (1990) by SG Liput for our October Kingathon. Tnx SG!

Movie Reviews 101

Banner-3Misery is review by S.G. Liput of Rhyme & Reason

miseryFans love to love the things they love

And laud those they’re enamored of

And worship every word they write

And watch their windows late at night

And read about their lives and likes

And help them when misfortune strikes

And care for them when they are hurt

And compliment and maybe flirt,

Encourage them to write their best

And punish them if they protest

And show them sides one does not show

And never ever let them go!


MPAA rating: R

When I first counted down my top 365 films, I have no idea why I forgot Misery. Rob Reiner’s second adaptation of a Stephen King story (after Stand By Me) is among his best films and won Kathy Bates an Oscar for her progressively scary portrayal of crazed fan Annie Wilkes.

This wouldn’t be a…

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