October Stephen King Blogathon – Day 26 – Christine (1983) – Early Morning Horror

Here’s a review of Christine (1983) by Whorer Fan over at Early Morning Horror! Tnx WF!

Christine (1983)


Score: four out of five Stephen King appearances

TV Mini-Series? No (110 min)


“You can’t polish a turd.”  Out of the three movies I’ve reviewed, I am surprised to say I enjoyed Christine the most! It’s a real guy movie- the nerdy kid gets picked on by some bullies (and an older man who is clearly not in high school) and then fixes up a bucket of parts, turning it into a beautiful car that gets back at the mean kids. I just thought the movie had a nice flow and very simple and thoughtfully executed story, which isn’t the usual Stephen King style. Even the title- short, easy, makes sense. Of course the movie was too long as per usual, and could have been cut by a half an hour. There were a few little gems throughout such as the obviously fake plastic glasses with ridiculous reflections. I felt close to the two leading male characters, and only felt dislike for them when their makeup was stupid. The ending wrap up was quite bland, I expected more of the lingering it’s still out there kind of ending, not ‘oh, now, it’s a square, we’re good’.


Early Morning Horror Reviews is written by Whorer Fan, usually within the blue hours of the morning, when everything is quiet and eerie and there is no sunshine to ruin the mood. Her reviews are short, sarcastic, and sometimes very careful to make fun of as many painful details as possible. She enjoys good-bad horror films the most, collecting Halloween costumes and items, and having theme nights. She is afraid of spiders and dummies/ marionettes. See more here: https://earlymorninghorrorreviews.wordpress.com/


photo source: http://awesomeshit.ninja

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