October Stephen King Blogathon – Day 29 – The Shining (1997)

This is my 29th of 31 reviews of Stephen King adaptations as part of the joint Blogathon that Darren (of Movie Reviews 101) and I are running this month in honor of the great horror writer.

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stephen-kings-the-shining-1997“Being someone else, sometimes that’s better. ” – Danny Torrance

Number of Times Seen – 1 (25 Oct 2015)

Brief Synopsis – A struggling writer and his family move into a hotel for the winter to be the caretakers.

My Take on it – When I chose this movie as one of my films for this Kingathon, I had hopes that it would in some ways redeem me from the fact that I’m not the biggest fan of the Nicholson version of this movie.

The fact that King himself didn’t like that version and subsequently helped make this version gave me even more hope that I’d like this one better.


None of that helped.

I didn’t like this one so much either.

I DO believe that it is the better of the two versions, but not by much.

This version gradually showed how a man can slowly lose his mind while in a secluded place while returning to his alcohol addiction no matter how hard he tries to keep away from it.

I liked how this focused a lot on the son and ultimately, his character works well here.

Nice performances by Steven Weber and Rebecca DeMorney as the Torrances.

Glad I saw this, but as I said with the last one…I doubt I’ll ever see this again…

Bottom Line – Maybe I just don’t understand the concept of this story because I’m not the biggest fan of this version either. I liked the comparisons between alcoholism and rage that is built up here.  Weber does a great job of slowly transforming himself during the course of the 3 episodes of this miniseries. Can’t say that this one has made me a fan.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Stephen King was extremely unhappy with Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of the novel, which is why he had such a hands-on approach with the mini-series. He not only wrote the teleplay, but he even makes a cameo in it. The mini-series brings back a lot of the things that Kubrick ejected, particularly Jack’s struggle with alcoholism. (From IMDB)

Rating – BAFTA Worthy


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6 thoughts on “October Stephen King Blogathon – Day 29 – The Shining (1997)

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  2. I think this miniseries is underrated. I appreciate Kubrick’s version because it meant something important for horror movies gender. Besides, we know Jack Nicholson is one of the greatest actors we’ve never seen. But the series has depht and necessary elements one person (reader or not) can only find in the novel.

    For instance, Wendy (portrayed here by Rebecca De Mornay) is a strong woman. And “Tony”,who shows up from time to time, is the future form of Danny, not an imaginary friend who “manifests by means of a finger”. And we must not forget Jack Torrance’ backstory and his internal struggle. And I assure you the ending (the boiler part and the graduation part) made me shear tears. One of the few faults that I find in this adaptation of the 90s,apart from the slow rhythm, is the lack of expression in the child (but this is only my point of view).


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