MovieRob Milestone Marathon – Die Hard Quintrillogy

dhWell, It’s once again that time.  I have reached another movie review milestone and am proud to say that I have reached 1800 reviews since the inception of this site in April 2013.

As I have done at every weigh station along the way, I have chosen a movie franchise to watch in a row and review for this milestone.

This time I chose the Die Hard franchise which (so far) has 5 films in the series.

The first two movies in the series are among my all-time favorite movies and I was sooo happy to get to revisit them once again.

Over the next few hours, I will be posting a review of each of the films every hour.

As always, I couldn’t have made any of this happen with the loyalty of my fellow movie bloggers who take the time to read (and sometimes comment) on my opinions.

So HUGE Thanks to all of you!!


11 thoughts on “MovieRob Milestone Marathon – Die Hard Quintrillogy

  1. Wow. Crazy milestone. Very productive and very dedicated. I think it’s awesome when I do 30 articles in a month, but you regularly do like 3 times that. So impressive! Now lemme see what you have to say about all the Die Hards. I already know all about part 1 from your recent That Moment In podcast 😉 Keep up the super nerdy gold star work, Rob!

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