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Let’s see what Abbi thought of this movie:


warm bodiesWarm Bodies (2013)

I know Warm Bodies failed to find much of an audience, leaving zombie purists disappointed but it was easily one of my favourite films of 2013.


In a post-apocalyptic world small groups of human settlers live behind fortifications protecting themselves from the infected who want to do nothing more than eat them. One such “zombie” is R (Nicholas Hoult) who roams an abandoned airport occasionally stringing together a thought or two about just where his “life” is heading and who he might have been before he died.


When R and some of his cohorts cross paths with colonel’s daughter, Julie (Teresa Palmer), her boyfriend, Perry (Dave Franco) and their friends on a raid for medication things turn ugly and R eats Perry before deciding to abduct Julie on a whim. He returns her to the airport and the plane he has been living in. With R’s friends surrounding them ready to devour Julie she is trapped, forced to rely on R for survival. She soon realises that there is more to him than mindless hunger and as he spends time with her his thoughts, behaviour and emotions become ever more human.


But what will Julie do when she finds out that R was the one that ate her boyfriend and how will they convince the colonel that R is anything other than a threat? Right, so anyone who has had the misfortune of watching a movie with me will know that I hate plot holes, deviations from the stated rules of a mythology or anything convoluted or illogical and I’m not afraid to pick holes while we’re watching the film. I probably should have hated it, because you can’t really be half a zombie, can you? However, if you consider that this film is actually pitching zombie-ism as a metaphor for loneliness and emotional disconnection, with the underlying theme of the restorative power of love, suddenly you can forgive all sorts of things. And when you add the fact that it’s genuinely laugh out loud funny, the soundtrack is blistering, the heroine is not annoying and Nicholas Hoult’s portrayal of a lost and almost mute soul is intensely touching… there’s a lot to love here.


For me this quirky reimagining of Romeo and Juliet complete with balcony scene brings explores classic themes but from an unusual and somewhat dark angle by showing us just how destructive our cut off modern world can be. I suppose you could argue that it follows a somewhat typical boy meets girl trope but when the meet-cute involves a brain getting eaten there is definitely just as strong an argument for calling it alternative. Still a favourite no matter how many times I watch it.


9 thoughts on “Genre Grandeur – Warm Bodies (2013) – Abbiosbiston

  1. Definitely one of my favourite movies of past years. I hate it when people (who haven’t seen it) say “oh that’s just Twilight with zombies right?” er, no.

    Though the love story between R and Julie (Romeo & Juliet!!!) is lovely, the whole underlining story is what makes it so great and memorable for me. And Nicholas Hoult is so sweet!

    Soundtrack is BRILLIANT too, it’s in my collection 🙂


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