Opinion Battles Results – Favourite Biographical Film

Check out the penultimate round of this year’s Opinion Battles over at MovieReviews101. Tnx Darren for running this. If anyone wants to join in next year get in touch with Darren. It’s a lot of fun!

Movie Reviews 101

Opinion Battles Results

The Favourite Biographical film has been voted for by the fans and here are the results. I would also like to thank everyone who voted because this was our highest number of votes so far.

In 3rd we have Goodfellas picked by Movie Rob gaining him 2 points.goodellas

And joint winners this time are The Social Network and The Elephant Man selected by Khalid and Emma getting 7.5 points each.elephant mansocial

This leaves the table looking like this and Movie Rob is the Champion but the final top places are all up for grabs. (Rob, Drew, Khalid, Emma, That Other Critic, Flicks Chicks, Filmfunkel, Summer, S.G Liput and Kim)


If you would be interested in joining in next year’s Opinion Battles instructions are Here or email moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk

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