Check out the second edition of my new collaboration with Dan of Slipthroughmovies where we dissect 80’s movies together. this time we took on Brewsters Millions (1985). Tnx Dan!!

SLIP/THROUGH - Entertainment You Don't Want to SLIP THROUGH the Cracks


This image-driven series shines an obnoxious pastel neon light on the 80-iest 80s movies around. 


THAT’S SO 80s! takes a nostalgic trip down VHS memory lane, remembering some of the cheesiest movies from one of the cheesiest decades. Fellow movie connoisseur MOVIEROB joins forces with SLIP/THROUGH for a semi-regular column highlighting some of the best scenes (and fashion choices) of the era.

This edition of That’s So 80s takes aim at the blue-collar-turns-white-collar comedy, BREWSTER’S MILLIONS (1985).

Imagine mixing Gordon Gecko’s WALL STREET, with a heaping dose of Richard Pryor, and a pinch of BAD NEWS BEARS.

The ridiculous premise of this story takes a backseat to Pryor’s manic performance, which is the real highlight making this worth watching decades later.

This article is loaded with images, including quick retrospectives, and special 80s-themed ratings by the end

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3 thoughts on “That’s So 80s! – BREWSTER’S MILLIONS

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