Revenant, The (2015)

revenant“God giveth, God taketh away.” – John Fitzgerald

Number of Times Seen – 1 (20 Dec 2015)

Brief Synopsis – After being mauled by a bear and being left for dead during a hunting expedition, a man must find a way to stay alive to enact revenge on the men who wronged him.

My Take on it – Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t mind a long movie as long as it doesn’t feel long by dragging too much.

This movie does just that.

It would have been more enjoyable to me if it had been slightly cut because some of this was as real chore to get through.

Leonardo Dicaprio has had some great roles, but many claim that this is his best work and that he shouldn’t be once again passed over for Gold.

I’m on the fence here because he is definitely good here but there are other roles more deserving this year (IMHO).

The cinematography work here is splendid especially because it captures the beauty and magic of the rugged countryside.

The special effects are also excellent because I was so shocked to learn that the bear scenes were completely done with CGI because they looked so realistic.

I was so happy to see the tauntaun scene giving us a reason that Han Solo would be very proud.

Bottom Line – Dicaprio is very good here and everyone seems to think he’ll finally get the Oscar for this eventhough I think he has done much better work in the past. The special effects during the bear scene are superb as is the cinematography showing us the landscapes of the rugged countryside. Movie is too long and has too many lulls in the story. Loved the tauntaun scene. Solo woulda been proud Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Tom Hardy has stated that he doesn’t read scripts and at one time was due to star in Splinter Cell (2017), he wanted to play a soldier but Leonardo DiCaprio begged him to read the script for this movie. Hardy read half the script and accepted the role. (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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12 thoughts on “Revenant, The (2015)

  1. I’ve heard great things about the cinematography of this film, even the trailer which I seen at the cinema showed great intensity. I’ll let you know how I find it when I eventually see it as the UK release date is tomorrow.

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  2. I enjoyed this one a bit more 😉 For me, it was so mesmerizing it didn’t feel like time existed. It blew by. Saw it twice in same day. I rarely watch any movie twice ever, so this was teal treat. That said, I love nature, philosophy, westerns, survival stories, cinematography, interpretive imagery and symbolism. Yeah I’m that nerdy. For me, this film somehow hit every note it played. Thanks for checking out my review, Rob. It’s great to have differing opinions. That’s part of what’s so awesome about art. Everyone interprets it differently.

    +5 nerd points for mentioning Tauntauns. I thought the same thing 😉

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    • was waiting for someone to pick up on that tauntaun comment! 🙂

      Totally agree on the fact that it’s nice to have differing opinions, but I must say that I find it very frustrating when i dont love a movie that EVERYONE says is amazing. (This, The Big Short, Boyhood, Fight Club are just a few examples)

      Makes me feel that something is wrong with me 🙂

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