Fantasy Acting League Round Eleven

Check out the penultimate episode of this years Fantasy Acting league over at Oracle of Film. Huge thanks and kudos to Luke for running this great series. Anyone interested in joining for 2016, read the post for instructions on how to join in!

Oracle of Film

The penultimate round. One more to go. Then we will know who wins the very first Fantasy Acting League. There has been some drama this year and I cannot wait to reveal the winner (of which I may already know whom it is!) And in all honesty, I was going to skip this round. Spoiler alert: only three of our actors actually scored anything this round. I thought it was going to be a feeble build-up , but it turned out that it actually shook the table quite nicely. At the very least, this episode of Fantasy Acting League resets the tasble, so we all have an exciting finale. There are quite a few candidates who could take the crown. I am thrilled for you to see who lifts that trophy.

And as for 2016’s acting league. I have given you some time to think about your teams. So please…

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