Fantasy Acting League – The Final Round

Here;s the final round of the Fantasy Acting League for 2015. Congrats to all the winners! HUGE thanks to LUke for toiling over these numbers month in and month out. Anyone interested in joining for 2016, has less than two weeks to contact Luke. Best of luck to one and all!

Oracle of Film

Well, this is it! What you have been waiting a whole year for. Today you will finally get the pay-off to the slow-burning points you have been building up over this last year. It has been a truly great experience for me and I have absoutely loved compiling this competition, as well as providing the running commentary. Thank you for being so supportive and please email me at with your teams for next year, so I can get planning the 2016 race. You need to pick three actors and three actresses and get them to me for the 16th January, so I can begin.

But we still have to tie up this year. So who will take the crown? The smart money has been on Cinema Parrot Disco, who has consistently been the MVP of the year, always either on the top of the league or a few points…

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