The Boy Who Could Fly (1986)

boy who could fly[Hugo repeatedly drops a cork on the floor until it lands on its end] There you go. You see, you can’t start on a bottle until the cork lands on its feet. It’s very frustrating when it takes a long time. On the other hand, it’s quite delightful when it happens on the first toss.” – Uncle Hugo

Number of Times Seen – 3-5 times (cable in the 80’s and 18 Jan 2016)

Brief Synopsis – A teenager girl befriends her autistic neighbor after moving to a new town who somehow begins to touch all the lives around him.

My Take on it – It’s always interesting to rewatch a favorite movie from my childhood to see how it holds up now.

I recalled this movie quite fondly but couldn’t remember exactly what it was about.

I liked the slow buildup but it’s easy to see that it won’t be for everyone.

I’m a big fan of the entire cast. It was nice to see tv favorites Fred Savage and Mindy Cohen alongside 80’s stars Lucy Deakins and Jay Underwood.

Veterans Bonnie Bedelia and Fred Gwynn give some needed stability in supporting roles.

Ultimately, this movie works because of its message which says so much about life, perceptions of others and also ways of communication.

Wasn’t as good as my memory told me, but still enjoyable.

Bottom Line – Not as good as I recalled but worthwhile for the message that the story brings us. Good acting and it was interesting to see tv’s Fred Savage and Mindy Cohen along with 80’s kids Jay Underwood and Lucy Deakins. Bonnie Bedelia and Fred Gwynn are both good in supporting roles. Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Nick Castle has cited the film ‘Dumbo (1941)’ as his primary inspiration for this film.  (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy


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