Amy (2015)

Amy_Movie Poster “If she had lived, I would have said:. slow down; you’re too important… Life teaches you, really how to live it… if you could live long enough… ” – Tony Bennett

Number of Times Seen – 1 (20 Jan 2016)

Brief Synopsis – Documentary that tries to dissect the troubled life of singer Amy Winehouse that eventually led to her death.

My Take on it – I was never really a follower of Amy Winehouse’s musical career and pretty much only knew very little about her life whenever it was mentioned in the headlines.

Her death in 2011 didn’t come as much of a surprise to me because it is unfortunate quite common for things like this to happen to people in the limelight.

I must admit that despite hearing so many great things about this film, I didn’t have much of a desire to see it because I figured it would be a typical bio doc of a famous star who pushed the limits and broke down because of it.

The opposite is true here tho.

This movie tries to dissect why and when her life started on its downward spiral and tries to answer the questions of how  and why it couldn’t be thwarted.

They effectively use combinations of home video, news footage and very open interviews/conversations with colleagues, friends and family from over the years to help us try and understand what happened and why.

This films says more about the culture of fame than only dealing with the specifics here of Amy’s life herself and that is what should be explored even more in the future in order to try and find ways to stop these kind of things from continuing to occur over and over.

Bottom Line – Very good documentary that really tries to give us insight into what led to Winehouse’s death.  Effectively uses home video, news footage and interviews over the years to show the relatively rapid deterioration of her life based on her lifestyle.  Tells us so much about how things like this can happen to people in the limelight. Highly Recommended!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – Amy Winehouse’s immediate family were initially willing to work with the film’s producers and director, having heard about the success of their earlier documentary, Senna (2010). They granted the filmmakers access to hours of archive footage of Amy and her family, as well as giving the filmmakers’ their blessing to interview Amy’s family and friends. However, they – in particular, Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse – soon began to feel they were being misrepresented in the documentary, that the negative aspects of Amy’s life were receiving much more attention than the positive, and that footage had been edited in order to produce an inaccurate narrative of Amy’s story, especially the last three years of her life. Mitch Winehouse has said that Amy’s fans should consider seeing the film for the rare, previously unseen, archive footage of his daughter, but should pay no attention to the film’s general portrayal of her, which he has labeled “preposterous”. Even after the film was nominated for an Academy Award as ‘Best Documentary’, Mitch Winehouse tweeted on 14 Jan. 2016: “Still hate the film though. (From IMDB)

Rating – Oscar Worthy


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9 thoughts on “Amy (2015)

  1. Nice review Rob, I’m glad you enjoyed this. I loved this doc as well and similarly to you, wasn’t a real big fan of Amy beforehand. But I found it so heartbreaking and mesmerising. I really, really loved her (watching it).

    Her dad can say what he likes, but the entire documentary is nade from archive footage, no-one actually says anything about him. If he’s portrayed badly he only has himself to blame. I’m sure he’s not the worst father ever but he could have supported her more and worried less about lining his own pockets whilst she was ill and vulnerable. Too late now, he’ll have to live with that.

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  3. Her death was never declared a suicide. After the initial inquest was thrown out due to the coroner not being qualified a second inquest was made and her death was determined to be from alcohol poisoning. Her private doctor, Christine Romete stated that she had begun drinking three days before because she was bored. Romete also states that, ‘In the course of the last consultation, Amy did not appear to be depressed at any stage’, she said.
    ‘She specifically said she did not want to die.’

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