The Descent (2005)

descent “Safety first! I don’t want any stunts this time” – Juno

Number of Times Seen – 1 (28 Jan 2016)

Brief Synopsis – A group of women on a spelunking trip, encounter strange creatures from the netherworld who try to kill them.

My Take on it –  I promised my good friend Jane that I would watch this movie despite my known dislike for movies of the horror genre.

As much as I had hoped to actually like this since Jane knows her movies, I actually hated, hated this movie.

Since I know how horror movies usually work, I kept praying over and over that everyone would die quickly in order to get me out of this misery.

Thanks go to Jane for trying to get me to try one of these out and I hope she still will give me more recommendations in the future that I might like.

Bottom Line – Not my favorite genre and I found it all to be completely silly.  I just wanted them all to die quickly so it would end quicker.

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The appearance of the creatures was kept secret from the cast members until the first scene in which they encounter them was filmed. When the cast were finally filming the scene where the girls encounter the crawlers, the girls were genuinely scared and screamed the building down, running off set and laughing (From IMDB)

Rating – Razzie Worthy


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12 thoughts on “The Descent (2005)

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  3. Nice review Rob, shame you didn’t like it. Personally I really like this film, provides great scares and tension throughout.
    It was really made more appealing when I read a theory that Sarah (main character) has a mental break and it is her who is doing all the killing and the creatures are actually her perception of her friends. Makes for an interesting rewatch!


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